Snap4City for Sustainable Development Goals

Snap4City platform can strongly contribute to reach the following SDG since:

  • 1) No Poverty: Snap4City platform can be used as a platform for smart agriculture, improving efficiency and performing precision agriculture.
  • 3) Good health and well-being: Snap4City platform can be used for collecting data for monitoring critical cases, collecting covid data and cross relating them with other aspects, monitoring health lifestyle of population in critical areas, etc.
  • 4) quality of education: Snap4City platform is training the new generation of city operators, also putting them in strict connection with other relevant institutions in Europe, thus leveraging their knowledge.
  • 6) Clean water and sanitation: Snap4City platform can monitor the quality and consumption of water. This is the first mandatory step to maintain the water system under control. The solution can monitor the whole network, and produce early warnings and prediction on the quality conditions and consumptions.
  • 7) affordable and clean energy: Snap4City platform can monitor energy consumption, let say energy of any kind. Thus, the clean energy can be monitored in comparison with the consumption of energy obtained from fossil combustion, and environmental impact in terms of CO2, NO, NO2, etc., which are the main effect of fossil combustion. The solution can provide monitoring dashboards, early warning and informative KPI for the operators and city users.
  • 8) decent work and economic growth: Snap4City can contribute to the economic growth since it will provoke a strong push in the direction of smart and digital of the public administration. In addition, SME and Operators will be pushed to follow the paths opening the market for smart applications and data economy in the two regions. This will pose the basis of the digital extension in the whole country.
  • 9) Industry, innovation and infrastructure: Snap4City solution will be a new and relevant digital infrastructure for data economy, leveraging SME and Operators will be pushed to follow the paths opening the market for smart applications and data economy in the two regions. This will pose the basis of the digital extension in the whole country. Industries would be pushed in providing data and would benefit in obtaining data back to better understand the territory, the resources and the trends.
  • 11) sustainable Cities and Communities. Snap4City can help the city and communities adopting to become sustainable on the basis of the data and service economy.
  • 12)  responsible consumption and production. Snap4City platform may help on making more efficient collection waste, also on improving recycling identifying the areas in which the activity is less efficient. Making evidence to industry about the garbage collected that would be better produced taking into account about the efficiency. Moreover, also the platform is more efficient, since the digital data would be collected in one place, thus reducing the duplications in data production and consumption.
  • 16) peace, justice and strong institutions. Snap4City platform is pushing in the direction of providing the service of the institutions supporting them with data driven decision-making processes. This approach can be followed in multiple domains: mobility, energy, lighting, waste, parking, etc. And, as in Florence, may be in the future also in Justice analysing the data and supporting the optimisation of the processes, from the simple planning of activities to support for identification of disputes to be simply mediated among parties providing evidence on the basis of objective data.
  • 17) partnership for the goals. Snap4City platform can be used to facilitate effective public, public–private and civil society partnerships contributing to improvement and assessment of capacity-building, measurements of progress on sustainable development, developing high quality services, and thus providing timely and reliable data and aggregated data.