Snap4City Newsletter of December 2021

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December news

  • Snap4City training for HeritData Florence in Italiano is planned to get in place in the second part of December, private/public meeting​
  • Conferences, and press conf
  • Training course slides
  • News from the network:
    • DISIT Lab is involved in  the definition of a study on Cyprus smart city, together with relevent international partners
    • The Snap4 srl is using Snap4City Open Source Technologies for a POC with national level company in Italy.
  • Fairs and exibihitions 
    • P. Nesi is chairing a section on AI for ICC (30th Int. Cartographic Conference), 14-18 December 2021
  • Technical news:
    • AXIS video cameras can install in their Node-RED Snap4City basic and advanced tools to perform IoT Edge computing and distributed data analytics
    • Dashboard Structure graph and graph of Smart Applications has been released for all the users, see them on management view of your dashboards
    • Orogin Destination Matrix Manager (OD Manager) has been released for users of RootAdmin Role
    • BIM Manager for 3D Digital Twin Local has been released for users of RootAdmin Role
    • Smart Platform Analysis has been released for users of RootAdmin Role
    • A new step has been release to automate the management of external Orion Broker NGSI V2, while working on NGSI LD also
    • work is in progress on a tool for visually pose queries on the federated network of knowledge bases (ServiceMap/superservicemap)
    • work is in progress for futher automation of Snap4City platform on multi VM and container platforms, one click installation
    • work is in progress for integrating video management, from RTSP, ONVIF to WebRTC, progressive download, reporting video streams on Dashboards.