Scenario: SnapBot: Real Time Smart City services via Telegram

SnapBot is a Telegram Bot which provides real time smart city services to Telegram users, geolocalized, when you like, what you like.
It is active on Tuscany in all provinces and cities according to the data accessible on Https://  This means that the precision and amount of services may differ in different parts of Tuscany. It can be easily extended in any City in which Snap4City is active!

It has been developed in the context of DISIT lab of the University of Florence. SnapBot automatically recognizes the language of your mobile phone to provide chat in English and Italian. If the Italian is not detected the English is provided. 

It provides real time services on: Public Transport (more than 10 different operators), bike sharing, parkings lots, traffic flow, weather warnings, Air quality, pollutant, find your location, etc.
To start getting the service by searching on Telegram App on any device for SnapBot or @SnapBot23_bot to subscribe at the service with ENTER or /start  you obtain: 

To use the service you have to provide the Position. To this end, click on clip:   select the Location 

You can share the location for a short time as well to get a stable service. If you ask for the subscription you should provide the green pin so that you can be notified according to your context and current position!

So that once provided the position, you can select a service  from a menu:

  you can activate this menu from the menu icon on the command line bar. Each command can be activated with a single click

Subscriptions can be temporary of recurrent. and they are on:

For example on bike sharing to know the status of  the bike racks close to you (Pisa and Siena, or their locations) you can select a number of slots to be notified:

Public Transport request performed by you by pressing the button in the menu provides you a set of busstops close to you location:

Oher examples in Italian and English. 


for more information contact 

Technically, the SnapBot has been implemented by using IOT App and the Snap4City library of MicroServices (based on Node-RED) which made the implementation of  the SnapBot services very easy and fast. 

For example, the OneShot services have been implemented as follows:


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