HOWTO: FIWARE Orion Brokers automatic deployment and update

FIWARE Orion Brokers can be deployed on the Snap4City platform on demand for users with role as ToolAdmin.

After the login with a ToolAdmin user, on the main menu column on the left click on IOT Directory and Devices --> IOT Brokers (1).

The list off available brokers is shown on the page.

On the top right corner, the Deploy new orion broker button is available (2).

By clicking it, a new form is shown with different tabs to be filled in with the requested information. Please note that some fields are pre-filled by the system.

In the “Info tab” you can find the main information about the Orion Broker to be deployed. The Name is automatically pre-filled, but you can change it. To avoid duplication, the system verify, please be sure that the “Ok” is present below the Name field.

In case of multitenant ngsi, you have to select the “ngsi w/MultiService” item in the Protocol field. A new Multitenancy tab is shown to be filled with the service paths.

Please, refer to the following external links for more info:

In the Geo-Position tab it is possible to fill in the geographic coordinates or to click on the map to specify the geographic position of the Broker.

It is mandatory to set the Geo-position to deploy the new Orion Broker.

in the Security tab, it is possible to set the direct access to the Context Broker, avoiding passing by the Orion Broker authenticaation and auhtorisation filters. This set is strongly not recommended for security reasons.

In the last Subscription tab, the URL Orion callback is shown.

Click the Confirm button to proceed. A confirmation message is shown and the new Orion Broker deployed is shown on the list.
In terms of Ownership, it is set by default as MYOWNPRIVATE (1). We suggest to make it public to allow the other users and devices to send data otherwise only the owner would be entitled to send data to the Broker.

Also, the following buttons are available:

  • EDIT (2): to modify the Orion Broker settings
  • DELETE (3): to DELETE the Orion Broker
  • TEST (4): to test the Orion Broker response
  • VIEW (5): to view the Orion Broker settings

Click on the TEST button to check the response of the Broker.

The following video shows the deployment procedure.


Change Orion Broker Ownership.

It is possible to change settings related to the access and ownership of your Orion Broker.

Click on the MYOWNPRIVATE button in the Ownership column to open the privacy settings.

Four different tabs are available:

  • The first one, the Ownership tab, allows you to change the owner of the Orion Broker passing it to another Snap4City user. The username of the new user has to be specified. Click Confirm to proceed. A confirmation message is shown.

  • The tab Visibility allows you to set the Orion Broker as Public and visible to all or Private and accessible only for you.

  • The tab Delegation allows you to Delegate the access to the Orion Broker to specific users. The username(s) of the delegated user(s) has/have to be specified. Click Confirm to proceed. A confirmation message is shown.

  • Finally, in the last tab Group Delegations, it is also possible to delegate the access to the Orion Broker to an organization.


Update the Orion Broker

To Update the Orion Broker with a updated version of the fiware/orion image:

  • Click on the [+] at the left of the Orion Broker to be updated (1)
  • Click the UPDATE button on the bottom right (2)

A message confirming that the update procedure is started is shown.

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